Central Gallery hosts until December 14 an interactive exhibition on the creative process of this plastic discipline

The fantastic film festival of the University of Malaga has begun this Thursday with the projections of the films in competition and the rest of the sections that make up the festival, as well as inaugurating the calendar of parallel activities with which the Albéniz billboard is complemented. Within this framework, the main protagonist of the day has been the manga, since two of the events planned for the day revolved around this artistic modality.

The writer Marc Bernabé has served as moderator of a colloquium held in the room of degrees of the Faculty of Communication Sciences that has had the participation of Studio Kösen and Xian Nu Studio. The activity, entitled “Why draw a manga?”, has been developed before a large number of university students who were able to talk with the guests about their beginnings in the world of drawing, the current situation of the publishing industry or the problems which must face those who want to dedicate themselves professionally to this matter. In addition, the speakers at the end have signed copies of their works to the public.

After the talk, the vice-chancellor Tecla Lumbreras, accompanied by the members of the round table, opened the exhibition “Creative process of a manga” at Central Gallery, a sample composed of pieces drawn by the guests and divided into three lines of work: a first part where the passage from the script of a manga to paper is exemplified, a second sequence dedicated to the creation of a character from the first lines to the final result and a final phase focused on the introduction of color, developed by the illustrator Belén Ortega. Also, the sample includes an audiovisual section made by the students of the faculty, who could record the cartoonists in their own workshop during the creative process and narrated in front of the camera their personal experience.

Besides, at the Albéniz cinema the presentation of the director of ‘Monstrum’, who after the opening screening was able to briefly explain his film to the public attending the session on Thursday, and the meeting with the producer Nadia Turincev, member of the team ‘Murder me, Monster’, who also chatted with the audience about this Argentine film, took place. In room 4, the Cinefórum of ‘Tears of the Black Tiger’ in charge of Cine Asia, while in the street, the Alcazabilla tents began their activity with workshops, a playroom and the concert by Negroides. The program on Thursday was closed in the Cultural Container with the performance of Axolotes Mexicanos, which recorded good public input.


Programmig Friday, November 16

The manga will give prominence to music on Friday, since one of the iconic events of the festival will be held on the weekend: the concert of soundtracks, which this time will be transferred to the Technical School of Computer and Telecommunications Engineering. Arturo Díez Boscovich will lead the Provincial Symphony Orchestra in a recital where the most remembered songs of mythical films of fantastic cinema will be played, such as E.T. or Pirates of the Caribbean.

As for the programming, the official section to the contest will have the official passes of ‘Piercing’ and ‘The House that Jack Built’, as well as the cinefórum of ‘Zu, the warriors of the magic mountain’. Other titles such as ‘Mandy’, ‘Tumbbad’, ‘One Cut of the Dead’ or ‘Satan’s Slaves’ will also be screened in the other sections.

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