The room #1 of the Albéniz cinema recorded full audience in the projection of the tape to contest ‘ The House that Jack Built ‘, by Lars von Trier

It has been a busy day this Friday at de Fantastic Film Festival of the University of Málaga. In addition to the projections of the billboard films of this 28th edition, we must add in this day the incessant activity in the tents of Alcazabilla street, with musical performances, workshops and rehearsals of theatrical performances, without forgetting one of the most weighty acts in Fancine’s programming: the traditional concert of soundtracks, organized with the support of the Deputation of Málaga, which took place in the late afternoon of the day, as a novelty this year in the Aula Magna of the Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering and Telecommunications, an auditorium that recorded full audience and faced its development with the tickets sold out from the previous week. Arturo Díez Boscovich was in charge of conducting the Provincial Symphonic Orchestra in a recital including the most recognizable melodies of iconic films of the fantastic genre. The main theme of ‘Star Trek’ opened the concert, followed by the chords of titles as famous as ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial’, ‘Total Recall’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ‘Superman’ or ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’, all introduced by a brief explanation form the conductor. It was more than an hour of film music that culminated with the interpretation of original themes by Boscovich based on the legendary soundtrack of ‘Star Wars’ composed by John Williams. The public stood up to say goodbye to the orchestra, which in return included two encores: the music of ‘Hook’ and the central song of ‘Fiddler on the roof ‘.

Meanwhile, in the box offices of the Albéniz Cinema, hung the ‘no tickets’ for the pass of ‘The House that Jack Built’ the latest work by the Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier and one of the most expected tapes of the official section. The rest of the evening sessions were also well attended, like the other film on the contest, ‘Piercing’ by the director Nicolas Pesce, or the cineforum of ‘Zu, the Warriors of the Magic Mountain’, with a colloquium included after the projection. Fancine’s epicentre, the historic centre of the capital, also enjoyed its musical moment with the street performance of the Marintencionados band, that enliven the atmosphere of Alcazabilla street with its versions of Spanish pop classics. The exhibitions went on until dawn, since the programme of the day included the lout sessions of ‘Mandy’ and ‘Tumbbad’.




Weekend programming

A complete programme of parallel activities and a good handful of projections will welcome the weekend at Fancine, which will begin with the morning sessions dedicated to the children audience. The Fantastic One in family, the section designed by the festival for the little ones will fulfil Saturday and Sunday mornings from 12 a.m. with a storytelling spectacle followed by the pass of the film ‘The Journey of Chihiro’, by Hayao Miyazaki, with which also concludes the Ghibli cycle, held in the Cultural Container along October to pay tribute to the famous Japanese animation studio. After noon, the play ‘Battle Royale’ by the Mu Teatro Company and collaborators of the ESAD will be represented on the Alcazabilla stage, in where in the afternoon will take place the K-pop contest. In the Rectory of the UMA, the artist Klaux Illustration will give a free  ‘how to draw manga’ workshop and in the Albéniz Cinema will continue for the two days the showing of Fancine’s billboard in afternoon hours, which will add up between Saturday and Sunday more than thirty projections.

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