The actor Pape Labraca led the opening of the festival, which was attended by the director of the film ‘Monstrum’, Huh Jong-ho

The fantastic film festival of the University of Malaga has opened its 28th edition tonight with the screening of the Korean superproduction ‘Monstrum’, which was preceded by an opening ceremony in which there was no shortage of Asian-inspired music, in accordance with the theme of this year, and a performance led by the actor Pape Labraca, who gave life to the character “The Chosen One”, a being arrived from another planet and erected a reference figure of the Asian cinema of the future. Labraca had the participation of a group of costumed supporting actors who staged a fight on stage before presenting Korean director Huh Jong-ho, director of the opening film, who closed the ceremony by thanking the audience for their attendance.

But the show had begun minutes earlier in the adjoining of Alcazabilla street, when Tecla Lumbreras, vice-chancellor of Culture and Sports of the University of Malaga, arrived at the Albéniz cinema on a throne dressed in a kimono. This was also the case of “El Elegido”, and together they posed before entering room 1 of the Albéniz cinema, which, once again, hosted the ceremony with which it began the nine days of the festival.

Programming and Thursday’s activities

After hosting the opening show with which the nine days of the festival begin, the Albéniz cinema returns to its usual routine this Thursday with the projections to the contest and the rest of the film’s sections of the cinematographic meeting. The official section will release the passes of the ‘High Life’ films (room 1, 18: 40h) a science-fiction proposal with a cast headed by Juliette Binoche and Robert Pattinson, and ‘Ghostland’ (room 1, 20: 45h), the new and terrifying work of a well-known festival director, Pascal Laugier (‘Martyrs’).

In addition, the first day of Fancine will feature the participation of two guests: on one hand, the Korean director Huh Jong-ho, author of ‘Monstrum’, will be present at the second screening of his film and, after viewing it , they will hold a conversation with the spectators. The same will happen in the exhibition of ‘Murder me, monster’, in which his producer Nadia Turincev will participate.

Tomorrow will also begin the activity organized in collaboration with CineAsia, which, after two successful editions and consolidated as a fixed section in the programming of Fancine, it goes from the Rectorate to the rooms of Albéniz. This is the Classic Asia cinemas, which for five sessions will review oriental cult films with the projections of mythical titles of Asian cinematography followed by a debate in the room with the audience. The first one will be ‘Tears of the Black Tiger’ (Room 4, 22h), a colorful Thai production that ironically reviews the western genre with high doses of action and romance.

As for the parallel activities, tomorrow starts the schedule planned in Alcazabilla street and the rest of the university campuses. At the faculty of Communication Sciences, the “Why draw a manga?” colloquium will be held at 7 pm, an activity moderated by the writer Marc Bernabé and in which the Studio Kôsen, Xian Nu Studio and Klaux Illustration will participate. After this, it will be inaugurated the exhibition “Creative process of a manga”, an interactive exhibition of works made by the authors participating in the talk that will take place in the Central Gallery until December 13.

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