The list of winners of the 28th Edition of Fancine´s will be released tomorrow during the closing gala at the Albéniz Cinema

The Fantastic Film Festival of the University of Málaga is in its home straight. One of the last guests of Fancine´s programme, the famous draughtsman from Málaga Juan Antonio Torres, known by the name of El Torres, has had on Wednesday a meeting with the public in the Rectory of the UMA, where he has chatted with his friend Borja Crespo, one of this edition´s official jurors, about his career in the world of comics under the title “Vignettes of Terror: A retrospective of El Torres”. The comic strip scriptwriter has begun his speech recalling the beginnings of the comic magazines, speaking about national and international mythical head-boards, such as ‘Creepy’ or ‘Rufus’, as well as debating with his fellow member about the greatest works of the genre like ‘Stories of the Crypt ‘, iconic characters such as ‘Vampirella’ and draftsmen who helped to further enlarge this artistic discipline, setting Richard Corben as an example. In addition, El Torres went over his contribution to the comic through his various works and has tell anecdotes about his more recent work: his participation as a scriptwriter in ‘ Virtual Hero ‘, the animation series produced by Movistar and based on the anime homonym of the popular ‘youtuber’ El Rubius.

At the same time, at the Cultural Container, there was an Escape Room that as well as the typical tests consisting on puzzling out enigmas and putting the participants in trouble, also had visual effects and the live performance of the musical group Leño & Palmera. A total of eight groups could enjoy in different shifts this labyrinth of riddles, an activity that required of previous inscription and that days before its accomplishment had already filled all the available vacancies.

As for the cinema, the only day without votings went on normally and the public answered with a good turnout to the projections of the Wednesday evening. A total of four films to contest were passed for the second time in different rooms, as well as other titles belonging to the rest of sections of the festival programming.

Thus, the spectators could choose between ‘ Summer of 84 ‘, ‘Ash’, ‘Inuyashiki’, ‘Border’, ‘Prospect’ or ‘Mandy’, among others. Likewise, the Russian tape ‘Cursed Seat’, a terror proposal led by a group of teenagers, and ‘Josie’ with Sophie Turner (‘Game of Thrones’) in the leading role, were also exhibited for the first time, which was the premiere in Spain for this thriller suspense.

Thursday November 22nd Programming

Though the room 1 will remain closed tomorrow for the closing ceremony rehearsals, the rest of cinema booths will keep the usual projections schedule from five o’clock in the afternoon.

At this time the battery of short films of real image and, in the second shift, those of the category of animation, will be passed again. In Room 3 you can see three of the titles in the informative section: beginning with ‘ Zoe ‘, a science fiction story with Ewan McGregor as the leading role, followed by the comical ‘ Dead in a Week ‘ and ‘ Josie ‘, will turn off the spotlight a bit before eleven o´clock in the night. At that time will also start the last film to exhibit at the Festival, ‘ Virus Tropical ‘, a black and white animation tape.

A little earlier, about half past eight in the night, the 28th Fancine´s edition closing gala will have begun, directed, like the opening, by Alessandra García and Violeta Niebla, artistically known as Dos Bengalas (two flares). It will be then when the winners list will be released, in which there will be included the production chosen by the Official Jury as the Best Film of the festival and the short films winners of the contest, besides the nomination to the Méliès and other recognitions. After the publication of the jury decision it will take place the pass of the closing film, the Korean tape ‘ Memoirs of a Murderer ‘, with which the nine days of festival will come to an end.

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