The rain forces to suspend the last activities scheduled for Sunday in Alcazabilla street
The fantastic film festival of the University of Malaga faces the new week after the frenetic days of Saturday and Sunday, in which there have been a significant sum of the projections on the billboard of this edition, as well as the planned parallel activities. The afternoon sessions were joined by the morning sessions of “The Fantastic in Family”, the section that Fancine dedicates to the little ones, which they enjoyed together with their family members of ‘Spirited Away’, the Oscar-winning film by the Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki. Before, in room 1 of Albéniz’s cinema, the performance of the Malaga-born actor Rafa Castillo took place, which enlivened the wait with a story starring by fishes made of recycled materials, to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and to raise awareness about diversity. During the exhibition, in the street the company Mu Teatro with the collaboration of ESAD ‘s students represented the play ‘Batalla campal’, a free adaptation of the Japanese film ‘Battle Royale’ that was projected hours later in room 3 of Albéniz in the Classic Asia section, followed by a talk in the room moderated by Gloria Fernández and Enrique Garcelán, responsible for CineAsia.

The afternoon started with the first evening passes at the cinema and two activities that took place in parallel: at the Rectorate, the artist Klaux Illustration gave a workshop in which she helped the attendees to consider the creation of a manga, from the organization of a script, going through the structure of the characters to how to deal with the presentation to publishers and look for work on the Internet in the field of drawing. At the same time, at Alcazabilla street, the traditional K-Pop contest was held, organized in collaboration with the Han-A association. A total of twenty-three groups participated in this event that brought together many spectators on the stage located in front the Roman Theater. Worked choreographies, a matching wardrobe and the good predisposition of the members were the common elements on the boards. Finally, the prize of 300 euros for the group category went to the group called Bhowl, while the individual category, awarded 150 euros, went to the soloist Lin. Due to the high participation and interest generated around this activity, the organization decided to grant an additional award for each category, so the Funkea group was rewarded with invitations for the films of Fancine, and Gigi, who competed alone, could take a pack of festival merchandising.

During all afternoon the activity continued on the tents, with workshops, photocalls of the Gremlins, the exhibition of traditional Korean costume and samurai armors, and the play center. The final point of the Saturday came with the concert of the group De Camino and with the later passes in the cinema, as the second session of the new work of Lars von Trier, ‘The House that Jack Built’, which got to fill the main room of the Albéniz again.

Instead, the calendar of activities on Sunday had to be suspended due to bad weather, as the rain made it impossible to carry out many of the events planned for the festive day. In this way, the Alcazabilla tents closed at noon and the concerts of Sono Project and The Gameboys were suspended because they could not develop outdoors. In compensation, this last group will perform on Tuesday, November 20 in the Cultural Container from 9:00 pm, with free admission.

However, the Albéniz projections were not affected and despite the adverse weather the rooms registered good public attendance. The two contest passes of the day, ‘Border’ and ‘Legend of the Demon Cat’, gathered more than two thirds of room 1 and the Japanese film ‘One Cut of the Dead’ managed to exhaust the seats.

Programming Monday November 19

The final stretch of the festival will arrive on Monday after passing the equator with the presentation of the Comic and Illustration Prize of Fancine, which, like every year, will reward the artistic creations best valued by those presented by the students participating in the Pedagogical Project. In this edition, the activity celebrates its tenth anniversary, and, to celebrate it, a show with the winning works of the past years has been organized in the Rector’s hall. Tomorrow, Monday will also take place the passes of the last films in the contest that are still to be screened, before the jury decides their decision. They will be ‘Inuyashiki’, a Japanese film based on a homonymous manga, and ‘In fabric’, by English director Peter Strickland, who was present at the official section of festivals such as Sitges and San Sebastián. Also, the Classic Asia cycle will be dismissed with the entry of the new week, which in its final pass will review the legendary Korean title ‘The Host’.

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