Tecla Lumbreras introduces in the Cultural Container the unpublished film by Jesús Franco ‘Snakewoman’

Afternoon of short films in the Albéniz. The fantastic film festival of the University of Malaga has dedicated the day of Tuesday to the official passes of the short films to contest, both in the mode of animation and real image. At five o’clock in the afternoon the ten works that make up each category began to be exhibited, with a break between sessions so that the attendants of room 1 could vote for their favorite piece and thus be able to award with the final scores the Audience Award at the gala of closing on Thursday, endowed with one thousand euros for each modality.

In total, about twenty works have been exhibited on the Albéniz’s big screen. The real image section is formed by the works ‘All These Creatures’, awarded in Cannes; the Spanish productions ‘Caronte’, ‘Estigma’ and ‘Marta’, the musical proposal ‘Epoch’, the Asians ‘Hana’ y ‘Nose, Nose, Nose, Eyes!’ and ‘Belle à Croquer’, ‘Beyond Horizons’ and ‘Exhale’. Within the section of animation are the colorful proposal ‘Bacchus’, the science fiction piece ‘Hybrids’, the comics ‘L’Aria del Moscerino’ and ‘The Brave Heart’ and the touching stories of ‘Tweet-Tweet’ and ‘The Stained Club’. This section is completed by the nacional shorts ‘Alleycats’, ‘La Noria’, ‘Zombie Time’ and ‘The Hermit’, nominated for the Goya this year.

The Junior Jury of this 28th edition of Fancine has also enjoyed this short film marathon, made up of six students from different Andalusian public universities, who will be the ones who decide at the meeting tomorrow the official awards of the official shorts section. The group includes Pablo Gómez (Pablo de Olavide University), Mario López (University of Granada), Elena Martín (University of Seville), María Martínez (University of Jaén) and María Navarro (University of Málaga). They are responsible for granting the Atalaya Project awards, which are endowed with 3000 euros to recognize the best shorts in the two specialties. This committee will also select one of the productions of the whole set to distinguish it with the Méliès de plata and that will represent Fancine at the Méliès awards gold, in which all the fantastic film festivals that take place in Europe compete.

Meanwhile, in the Cultural Container, at 7:00 pm, the protection of the ‘Snakewoman’ took place, unpublished work of the legendary filmmaker Jesús Franco. The Vice-Chancellor of Culture and Sports of the UMA, Tecla Lumbreras, presented the pass, which could be exhibited thanks to the collaboration of Jacinto Santos, producer of the film. After the film, the stage of the Culture Service headquarters also hosted the concert of The Gameboys, the group that on Sunday should have closed the free activities on Calle Alcazabilla but due to the rain the action had to be postponed.

The calendar of parallel activities for the day was closed in the auditorium of the Rectorate, where the colloquium was held with the interpreters Almar G. Sato and Alberto Jo Lee, who under the title “Act between two worlds” discussed multiculturalism in the cinematographic sector and the need to abandon the stereotypes related to the Asian universe. Both actors told their experience to the public that attended this event organized by Fancine and the Aula de Cultura Sur with the support of the Obra Social de La Caixa.

Programming Wednesday, November 21

The penultimate day of the festival will feature a guest of honor: the artist El Torres will offer a lecture at the Rectorate starting at 8:00 pm, where screenwriter Borja Crespo, member of the Official Jury of this edition, will also speak. In the Albéniz cinema, the day of Wednesday will not have sessions submitted to the vote of the public, but will be screened for the second time some of the titles exhibited in the previous days and that have had good public affluence. In this way, will return to pass the titles belonging to the official section ‘Inuyashiki’, ‘Border’ ‘Legend of the Demon Cat’ and ‘Prospect’, as well as other sections, including ‘Respect’, ‘Ash’ , ‘Josie’ or ‘Mandy’, with Nicolas Cage as the protagonist.

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