Tickets for all projections in the Albéniz cinema will be on sale starting tomorrow at the single price of 2 euros


After several updates in which there have been announced different films that will take part in the cinematographic appointment, the Fantastic Film Festival of the University of Malaga has published in its website all the information of its next edition, the 28th, which will take place from November 14th to November 22nd. There is included the full programme of the contest, which, in addition to its usual sections, will count on this occasion with two cycles dedicated to the leit motiv this year, ‘Asia in the Veins ‘, and with a complete calendar of parallel activities in the different venues.


A total of 90 titles will be passed through Fancine during the projections of Albéniz cinema and other activities, either prior to the festival or that will be developed simultaneously along this week. Among them are the ten feature films that will compete in the official section, with works of consecrated directors as Lars Von Trier and of actors as well known as Juliette Binoche, Robert Pattinson or Pedro Pascal, as well as other films that have just achieved successes in festivals of reference like Sitges, Cannes or Toronto.


The same number of tapes will conform the already traditional informative section, which will bring together proposals of great quality, as ‘Zoe‘, the new one of the filmmaker Drake Doremus with Ewan McGregor as the leading role. It will also return to the billboard the Horror Zone category, one of the most attractive for the lovers of gore, the blood and the extreme terror, in which will be exhibited, among others, ‘The Night Eats the World ‘, belonging to the subgenre of zombies, or the Argentine one ‘Dies, monster, dies ‘. And four will be the titles classified under Anima Zone, the space dedicated to the animation, which will feature the Japanese film ‘Violence Voyager‘ or the Brazilian ‘Tito and the Birds


The Unusual / indomitable sections remain, and they will project films as peculiar as ‘ All You Khan Eat Buddha ‘ and ‘ Knife + Heart ‘ led by Vanessa Paradis, and the already settled ‘Fanzriller‘, with titles loaded with action and suspense as South African ‘ Number 37 ‘. The morning meetings of the weekend, the known as The Fantastic one in Family, will be focused again on the children audience by the projection of the mythical ‘El viaje de Chichiro ‘ (‘The journey of Chichiro’) which will close the Cycle Ghibli Cycle initiated in October in the Cultural Container as a prologue to the festival.


And, as an innovation, two will be the sections that the festival will dedicate to the theme of this edition, with which it aims to pay an special homage to the cinematography of the Asian continent. Thus, taking the name of the motto, Fancine has programmed the cycle Asia in the veins, with a good handful of tapes of different oriental nationalities and, as in last editions, the Classic Asia section will complete this tribute to all the Asian, which jumps from the Rectory to the armchairs of the Albéniz to check, in collaboration with CineAsia, cult films followed by a cineforum in the room


Likewise, the short films will also have a space reserved in the festival’s programme. A score of productions, ten of real image and other ten of animation will take part in the contest, with a prize of three thousand euros for every modality. The twenty short film finalists are the result of the selection made up by the committee of students from different Andalusian universities has carried out among the 521 works presented this year to the public summons, since the term was opened in February. Finally, the Korean production ‘Memoirs of an assassin‘ will be in charge of closing Fancine’s present edition on Thursday, November the 22nd, in a show along which the list of winners of this 28th anniversary will have been previously disclosed.





All the projections programmed in the Albéniz cinema will have the price of two Euros. Tickets can be purchased from tomorrow, October 31st, at the cinema ticket offices located in Alcazabilla Street or through the website



Parallel activities


Performances, exhibitions, conferences and contests will complete the film sessions during the nine days of the festival. The music will be one of the main protagonists in this calendar of parallel activities, with a soundtracks concert by the Symphonic Provincial Orchestra conducted by Arturo Díez Boscovich. The event will be moved in this edition to the auditorium of the E.T.S.I. of Telecommunications, to deepen more if possible into Fancine’s university spirit. This is why the festival will use other UMA scenarios as venues of its activities, like the Faculty of Communication Sciences and its exhibition lounge, Central Gallery, which will receive from November 15th and up to 14th of the next month a sample of the creative process of manga.


They will also be main scenarios, the University of Málaga Rectory, where they will take place the lectures of the cartoonist El Torres and the actress Almar G. Sato, and the Cultural Container, which during Fancine will dedicate its programming to the festival with an escape room about Leño & Palmera and the projection of the unpublished work of Jesus Franco, ’The Snake Woman’ (‘La mujer serpiente’).


It will also return the Fancine’s pedagogical project, which aims to spread the cinematographic art in its fantastic aspect between primary, secondary and highschool students, and the Comic and Illustration Contest for those schools that have taken part in this activity. And during the weekend, Alcazabilla Street will be filled with recreational activities that, in an interactive way, will take the world of fantasy, science fiction and terror to the public of all ages through themed board games, live role games, workshops and musical performances, among other one proposals, as K-Pop’s contest.


All these activities would not be possible without the collaboration of the institutions that support the accomplishment of them, as the area of youth of the Malaga City Hall, the Culture and Education delegations of the Provincial Council and the Andalusian Institute of Youth of the Junta de Andalucía.


Press Credentials


The media interested in covering the festival are being reminded that the deadline for applying for press accreditation ends the next November 5th. To formalize the request, a form that can be found in the Accreditations section of Fancine’s website must be filled in.

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