Spot/teaser contest: terms and conditions

1. Goal: production of a spot/teaser that will be promoted as advertising campaign of the 27th edition of Fancine – Fantastic Film Festival of the University of Malaga.

2. Participants: artists from all over the world can apply for this contest, submitting a maximum of one film. The work must be an original and unpublished creation and must not have won any contest before. For the purposes of registration, only the data of a single creator per work is taken into account.

3. Assessment criteria

– To be able to combine the fantastic genre with the main theme of the 27th edition of Fancine, entitled ‘Fancine on wheels’. This topic mixes the vehicles on wheels with the fantastic genre.
– It will be given positive value if the spot includes in any format both the logo of Fancine and the figure of Maneki-neko, in which it is inspired.
– It will be appreciated that the spot takes into account the university character of the festival.

4. Technical requirements:
– Length: no more than 1 minute.
– The work must include the intro of the festival, with the appropriate length. The intro can be downloaded HERE
– If there are dialogues, the video must have the following subtitles:
o If the original version is in Spanish, the spot must include English subtitles
o If the original version is in a different language from Spanish it must be subtitled in Spanish instead of having them in English.

5. Prize: The winner will receive a prize of 3000€. The award will be subject to income tax withheld under current legislation. The prize may be declared void, and in no case will be shared by two or more works.

6. Registration: Registration will take place exclusively via the submission form available HERE, including a Vimeo or Youtube link of the video.

7. Deadline: Registration will be opened from March 1st until July 1st, 2017. The organisation will upload the videos to the social networks of Fancine – Fantastic Film Festival University of Malaga, taking into account the number of “likes” obtained, although it will not be an indispensable condition to be the winner.

8. Exclusions: It will be excluded all those applications which do not fully comply with the requirements set in these rules, which are not properly completed, those whose presentation is not made through the single channel established for that purpose, or if the applications are delivered after the deadline. The use of third-party works will result in immediate disqualification, including the soundtrack.

9. Selection: The winner will be selected by a committee composed of members of the cultural, audiovisual and/or academic fields from the UMA, necessarily including at least one technician from the Culture Service of the University. Its decisions are sovereign and its verdict is final and
not open to appeal.

10. Exploitation rights: the University of Malaga reserves all rights of exploitation and use of the winning spot as well as its manipulation to accommodate it to the different screening formats.

It is not allowed to use audios nor images that have not been recorded or created by the authors nor unauthorised music or music which has not the property of the relevant rights. The participant will take responsibility for the use of works or images with no consent that violates intellectual property rights, image rights, or any other right of third parties, leaving the University of Malaga unharmed from any claims in this regard.

11. Final Format: once selected the winning work, the author will deliver the final video file in .mov or .mp4 format with a minimum size of 1080p.

12. Organisation: no correspondence will be maintained with the authors of the works presented beyond the tasks arising from the administrative management of applications. Under no circumstances, the administration will negotiate or discuss with the authors the ends referred to in these rules, and reserve the right to take initiatives not regulated in the same, whenever it considers that can contribute to the greater success of the contest or to an improvement in management.

13. Acceptance of rules: participation in this competition implies full acceptance of the rules and regulations in force subject to taxes.

14. Translation: the Spanish text of these regulations will be the only valid version in case of discrepancies regarding the meaning of any of the above regulations.