Málaga fantasy production takes centre stage at the next edition of Fancine

  • A total of seven short Málagan films are participating in the section which brings together the best productions in this genre from the past two years.
  • Fancine pays tribute to the classical literature of Shakespeare and Cervantes in a film series which includes both classic and modern pictures.

After 26 years of bringing the vanguard of fantasy and terror films to Málaga, the new edition of the Fantasy Film Festival of the University of Málaga (Fancine) will have a section dedicated to local artists for another year. Thanks to Málagan short films we will enjoy a selection of emerging and more prominent artists from the area.

Pedro Terrero and Kike Ramírez directed ‘Llueve en Bagdad’, where an old lady discovers the amazing ability of predicting natural events. In ‘Garabatos’ Pedro Pacheco portrays conjugal problems using the story of a single mother who has to make her son believe that everything is fine.

Tony Morales brings us ‘Hada’, named after the main character who tells the story of a boy that loses his first tooth. But Daniel does not know that the light will be his worst enemy. Dita Segura and Rakesh B. Narwani direct ‘Hospital Cromático’, a space where the patients are the beings affected by the “pathology of the creation”. The film talks about the difficulties all creators suffer trying to push forward a project, from the conception of the idea until the end.

Three continents, a lost city and impossible creatures. These are the ingredients which are united in ‘Los chimplonitos’, a fantasy production directed by Alberto Pons that pays tribute to ‘The Goonies’. ‘Matryoshka’, from Fran Kapilla, is a short film shot in Russian based on a space adventure in the 1980s. Finally, ‘Yo Soy Metástasis’ is a short film where Sergio Manuel Sánchez Cano satirises the dangers of social media and the media.


The new edition of Fancine will also pay tribute to two of the most important writers of all time. In the film series Shakespeare and Cervantes: 400 years after, five films will be played which are related to the lives and books of these great writers while at the same time fall into the fantasy and terror genres.

From Michael Hoffman’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream to the adaptation of ‘Macbeth’ made by Justin Kurzel in 2015, passing through ‘Miguel and William – a production from the Madrid-based director Inés París – ‘Forbidden Planet’ by Fred M. Wilcox or the classic British terror film ‘Theatre of Blood’ directed by Douglas Hickox.

Trailers below:


Hospital Cromático

Los Chimplonitos