Juan Antonio García Galindo

Doctor of Journalism and Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the University of Málaga.


Enrique Garcelán

Enrique Garcelán

Programmer Fantastic Film Festival of Sitges and founding member of CineAsia


Eun Kyung Kang

Eun Kyung Kang

Professor of Korean language and literature at the University of Málaga and MU Teatro director.


MAMedina 2014

Miguel Ángel Medina Torres

 Doctor of Biological Sciences and Bachelor in Art History at University of Málaga.



Celia Cruz

Degree in English Philology. Currently completing her doctoral thesis at the University of Málaga.



Daniel Jaén Rodríguez

He is a student of Audiovisual Communication in University of Málaga. He loves TV series and movies. He has his own online radio show and he has cooperate in several shortfilms as a sound mixer. He acted in “El paradigma del diván”. He also was a Cinema Schools Jury member in 17º Festival de Cine de Málaga.


Francisco Javier Alacio

Francisco Javier Alacio Fernández

He is a student of Journalism in University of Málaga. He is amazed with everything related to cinema. He has taken part of the young jury in several film festivals in Málaga.


Jenifer Bautista

Jenifer Isabel Bautista Sánchez

She is a student of Audiovisual Communication in Málaga. She is creative, and she has technical and artistical skills in graphic design, video editing and web design. 


Victoria Aranda

Victoria Aranda Arribas

She is a student of Spanish Language in University of Córdoba. She is speciallized in Literature and Literature Theory. She is an amateur filmmaker, and she wrote essays about Spanish Cinema, as “El espíritu de la colmena”.


patricia gonzález

Patricia González Abad

She is a fan of film festivals in Cádiz, and she loves independent filmmaking. She is also interested in photography. 

Alicia de Cosa 001

Alicia de Cosa Navarro

She took drama classes since she was a child. Alicia participates in Urban Dance contests for five years.