FANCINE – FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL is organized entirely by the University of Malaga, public institution that has among its basic functions the transmission and criticism of the culture.

FANCINE is an adherent member of the European Federation of Fantastic Film Festivals (EFFFF), and as such, nominates every edition a European short film for the Golden Méliès Award in its category.

FANCINE – FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL of the UNIVERSITY OF MÁLAGA has as its goal the presentation of a selection of the best world film production of feature and short films of Fantastic genre under all its variants (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror) as well as other similar genres (adventure, thriller, experimental, etc.). Therefore, as a non profit organisation, the University of Málaga aims at offering the audience the development of this film genre as well as backing better understanding between peoples and different cultures through film creation. This festival is willing to promote cinema among the student population making this event attainable and universal.



3.1. Date of Production
The titles in competition must be produced after 1st of January 2014 and not commercially screened in cinemas in Spain. Films can compete for the Festival awards irrespective of their participation in any other Spanish or foreign festivals.

3.2. Running Time
The running time of competing Short Films must not exceed 20 minutes.
For the on-line competition, the running time must not exceed 5 minutes.
Fancine will consider feature film every film longer than 60 minutes.

3.3. Excluding Categories
The same film can only be submitted to one competitive category. The organization will reserve the right to assign a different category if appropriate.

3.4. Screening Formats
Screening formats to participate in Fancine are listed below:
Feature Films: 35 mm and digital formats (DCP preferably).
Short Films: HD digital file following encoding settings: video codec H.264, minimum resolution of 720p, (.mov preferably)
On-line short films: digital file in MP4, MOV or FLV format. The size of this file must not exceed 300 Mb.
Last minute changes of screening format will be rejected.

3.5. Subtitles
Selected films must be compulsory sent in original version with Spanish subtitles – in case they have dialogues or are in a language different than Spanish. Short films are subjected to the same requirement regarding Spanish subtitling, unless they lack dialogue or these are unnecessary for comprehension and appreciation. In the exceptional event that a non subtitled film is accepted, Spanish or English dialogue lists with time code .doc, .txt, .xls or .rft are required.
A non Spanish subtitled short will not be selected for the on-line competition whatsoever.

3.6. Materials
The material sent for the submission to the competition will not be returned to participants and will be destroyed at the end of the festival. The person responsible of the film submission must be authorized by the owner of the distribution rights of the film and commits him/herself with not withdrawing the copy of the film from the festival.

3.7. Exhibition Rights
Producers or distribution companies having the exhibition rights of selected films will transfer them to Fancine temporally (during the festival).
Likewise, the submission for the on-line shorts section, involves the authorization of Fancine to exhibit the short film on the website: during the voting period.


Deadline: July 15th 2015


Credential to be submitted:
a) A DVD copy of the film (PAL system), with Spanish or English subtitles (only in case of sending a non Spanish original version).
b) Printed and signed official entry form entirely filled in, (available HERE).

All these documents have to be sent to the following address before the submission deadline (postmark date):

Vicerrectorado de Extensión Universitaria
Universidad de Málaga
Pabellón de Gobierno, 3ª Planta.
Campus El Ejido
29013 Málaga (Spain)

Starting this year, Fancine accepts entries via Log onto the website, set up an account, and submit your film to Fancine – Fantastic film festival of the University of Málaga.

All the films presented to participate in the different sections will be chosen by the Selection Committee formed by different professionals of the audiovisual area. Decisions taken by the Selection Committee are irrevocable.

Participants who make the submission of a selected film will receive a notification by e-mail. In a period of 15 calendar days starting the following day after receiving the notification, they must send us the information listed below:

 Trailer or promotional video material (in PAL system), without watermarks, at the highest quality possible, to be used for cultural promotion and for the opening video screened at the inauguration ceremony of the Festival.
 At least 5 press photos (of the film and/or shooting) in .jpg format with a minimum quality of 300 ppp (15 x 10 cm).
 A recent photograph of the director in .jpg format and a minimum quality of 300 ppp (15 x 10 cm).
 Biofilmography of the director.
 2 Posters of the film or digital file in .pdf format.

The selected feature films will receive a screening fee up to €800 upon presentation of invoice.

The screening copy of selected films will be received at the FESTIVAL DE CINE FANTÁSTICO (FANCINE) until 10th November 2015 at festival headquarters. Otherwise, organizers of the festival reserve themselves the right to dismiss the selected film replacing it with another.

Who makes the submission of a film declares to be authorized by the owner of the distribution rights to provide us the screening copy and to be committed with not withdrawing the film from the festival.

Organizers of the festival reserve themselves the right to reject a film in the case the screening copy does not offer enough quality guarantees.

FEATURE FILMS: shipment expenses of selected feature films will be afforded by Fancine organization. Competitors must send their films via the transportation company indicated by organizers.

SHORT FILMS: shipment expenses -sending and returning- of selected short films will be covered by participants in all case.

Coinciding with the sending of the copy, an e-mail to must be sent in order to inform the festival of the feature film’s title or the short film’s title, the sending date and the tracking number.

Screening copies will be returned within a maximum period of thirty days after the festival’s conclusion.

Screening copies will be returned to the written address in the entry form. The organization of the festival will not be held responsible for any losses or delays caused by later changes of the returning address.

7.- JURY

7.1. Official Jury
Professionals of the film sector and culture will evaluate the films in competition and will grant the Awards of the FANCINE – FESTIVAL DE CINE FANTÁSTICO. People related to production, direction, distribution or any other commercial form of exploitation of the selected films can not be members of the Jury.

Dean of the Communication School of University of Malaga will be the President of the Official Jury preferably.

7.2. Young Jury
Students of the different Universities of Andalusia will form the Young Jury. People related to production, direction, distribution or any other commercial form of exploitation of selected films can not be members of the Jury.

7.3. Audience Jury
Assistants to the screenings of selected films will form the Audience Jury.

The best short film online award will be granted by Internet users voting on the on-line short section on the Fancine website.

In no case Awards will be declared ex aequo or void.

Awards are subjected to current law which regulates I.R.P.F. tax.

Awards will be entirely given to the person or company who has acquired the rights for distribution of the award-winning film in Spain. In the event the feature film does not have a distributor in Spain, the prize will go to the international distributor. This can be the production company or the company in charge of its international distribution. When advertising the awarded audiovisual work, the winner company commits to include a clear noticeable legend with the corporative image of FANCINE – Fantastic Film Festival of the University of Malaga- (logo and name) referring specifically the Award received.

The Official Jury will grant the Awards below:
 University of Málaga Award for Best Feature Film, with a cash prize of €9.000.
 Best Director.
 Best Actress.
 Best Actor.
 Best Original or Adapted Screenplay.
 Best Photography.
 Best Special Effects.
The Official Jury may grant one Mentions per category and film according to any consideration worthy of being taken into account.

The Young Jury, formed by young university students will grant the awards of:
 Public Universities of Andalusia Award for Best Fiction Short Film, with a cash prize of €3.000.
 Public Universities of Andalusia Award for Best Animation Short Film, with a cash prize of €3.000.
 Selection of the Best European Fantasy Short Film for the GOLD MÉLIÈS AWARD.

The Audience Jury will grant the awards of:
 Audience Award for Best Feature Film.
 Audience Award for Best Live Action Short Film.
 Audience Award for Best Animation Short Film.
 Audience Award for Best On-line Short Film with a cash prize of €1.000 granted by Public Universities of Andalusia. The most online voted Short Film on FANCINE website will win this Award. In case of draw between two or more Short Films, The Young Jury will have the casting vote. Organizers of the festival reserve themselves the right to withdraw those Short Films fraudulently voted.

The Festival organization will be able to grant other awards and honorary recognitions not included in these rules, promoted by the organization or other entity with which it has signed the corresponding agreements.


FANCINE – International Film Festival of the University of Málaga is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes.

The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, understands and accepts these requirements and regulations.

The submission shall indemnify and hold harmless Fancine International Film Festival of the University of Málaga from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

In no event the organization shall negotiate or discuss with the submitters the conditions of these rules. The organization shall decide all matters not provided therein, and may authorize exceptions that may contribute to greater success of the competition or improved management.

Inscription or sending a film to the Festival, irrespective of from the section, implies unconditional acceptance of these rules. The Selection Committee will decide the matters not foreseen by the rules as well as might authorize exceptions.



Vicerrectorado de Extensión Universitaria
Universidad de Málaga
Pabellón de Gobierno, 3ª Planta.
Campus El Ejido
29013 Málaga (Spain)
Tel: +34 952 13 41 92 – Fax: +34 952 13 14 53