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In 2007, a team of five reporters go deep into an abandoned tunnel beneath Sydney due to rumours about government secret investigations. They went down into the tunnels looking for a story… until the story found them.

Original title: The tunnel.
Nationality: Australia, 2011.
Production: Enzo Tedeschi & Julian Harvey.
Director: Carlo Ledesma.
Script: Enzo Tedeschi & Julian Harvey.
Cinematography: Steve Davis & Shing Fung Cheung.
Music: Paul Dawkins.
Editing: Enzo Tedeschi & Julian Harvey.
Cast: Bel Deliá, Andy Rodoreda, Steve Davis, Luke Arnold.
Runtime: 91 min
Format: Digibeta

25th of November at 18:55. Albéniz Cinema, Room 1.

26th of November, at 22:30. Albéniz Cinema, Room 2.

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