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Ken Boyd is a lonely man of 34 years old who just left the loony bin, due to a failed attempt of suicide. He has a depressing life, trapped between his job as ice-cream man and his resentful mother. His only escape is, and always has been, the drawing. Until the day comes when he can not resist it anymore and decides to kill al those he consider responsible for his miserable life.

Original title: Some guy who kills people.
Nationality: United States, 2010.
Production: Ryan Levin.
Director: Jack Perez.
Script: Ryan Levin.
Cinematography: Shawn Maurer.
Music: Ben Zarai.
Editing: Chris Conlee.
Cast: Kevin Corrigan, Barry Bostwick, Karen Black, Lucy Davis, Ariel Gade, Leo Fitzpatrick.
Runtime: 98 min
Format: Blu-ray

26th of November, at 19:15. Albéniz Cinema, Room 1.

28th of November, at 19:25. Albéniz Cinema, Room 3.

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