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The Fancine Official Jury awards “Bellflower” as the Best Feature Film in Competition

The French movie “Deep in the Woods” wins the Best Director and Best Actress category Award.

The Junta de Andalucia Award for the Best Feature Film in the XXI edition of FANCINE goes for the American movie “Bellflower” (2011), by the director Evan Glodell. with a cash prize of 9.000 Euros.

According to the Official Jury, this award was fully deserved by the movie, for its deconstructive description of some drifted characters, captured with an immense stylistic power, despite the limited resources.

“Blame” (Australia, 2010), directed by Michael Henry, received the Award for the Best Feature Film by the Young Jury, while the Audience Jury decided to award at this category the movie “Some guy who kills people” (2010). This way, the three jurries awarded three different movies under the category of “Best Feature Film”.

The French movie “Deep in the woods” (2010) wins at the Best Director and Best Actress categories, with Benoit Jacquot being nominated under the first category, and Isild Le Besco under the latter. The Best Actor Award goes for Kevin Corrigan for its role in “Some guy who kills people” (United States, 2010).

The Award for the Best Original or Adapted Screenplay is won by Alonso Torres and Carlos Moreno, for their screenplay of the Colombian movie “Todos tus muertos” (2011); Best Photography Award is won by Joel Hodge for “Bellflower” (2011) while Best Special Effects goes for “Haunters” (South Korea, 2010).


BEST DIRECTOR Deep in the woods
BEST ACTRESS Isild Le Bresco
BEST ACTOR Kevin Corrigan
BEST SCREENPLAY Alonso Torres y Carlos Moreno

Short films

The short film “Danny boy” (Poland, 2010) by the director Marek Skrobecki receives several awards in Fancine. The Official Jury as well as the Audience Jury selected it as the Best Animation Short Film. Moreover, “Danny boy” has been nominated on behalf of Fancine for the Gold Méliès Award at the Best European Fantasy Short Film. As each festival can propose a second short film to enter competition in this prestigious Méliès European competition, Fancine has proposed “The Gloaming” (2010).

The variety of productions selected by the Official, Young and Audience Jury under the rest of the short films categories, rewarded with a cash prize of 3.000 Euros, are mentioned below:

En el resto de categorías de cortometrajes, todas dotadas con 3.000 euros, hay variedad entre los elegidos por el Jurado Oficial, el Jurado Joven y el público, se resumen en la siguiente tabla

Animation Short Film Spanish Short FIlm Foreign Short Film
Official Jury Danny Boy Carta a Julia CTIN!
Young Jury The Wonder Hospital 70 metros cuadrados The Austronaut on the Roof
Audience Jury Danny Boy Brutal Relax The Austronaut on the Roof

The Official Jury awards a Special Mention to the Spanish short film “La gran carrera” (2010) by the director Kote Camacho, for the use of archive and new images to describe a black idea.

The Best Online Short Film has been awarded by the Culture Vice Rectorate to “Amarillo Limón”, as it accomplished the maximum punctuation given by the online voters. This competition is a premier in the XXI edition of Fancine and it consists of a cash prize of 1000 Euros. The same short film received the Canal Sur Award to the Best Andalusian Audiovisual Production, a prize with a value of 1.500 Euros.

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