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At the age of eight years old, will, discipline and personality of a child begin to take shape, and the distinction between good and evil starts to be defined. The time to see  our wish fulfilled came at last. His wish. Remain silent. You’re invited.
Original title: Ocho.
Nationality: Spain, 2011.
Production: The house of films.
Director: Raúl Cerezo.
Script: [...]


In a militarized, post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by an infection that turns people into beasts, one child defies all obstacles to find his mother. He has one question to ask in the midst of all this doom: does she still remember him?
Original title: Fase Terminal.
Nationality: Spain, 2011.
Production: Miguel Roca.
Director: Marta Génova.
Script: Matías Candeira.
Cinematography: Adrián Hernández.
Music: José [...]


A space-time hole. A faulty electrical appliance. A girl who dreams of giving her heart away. A boy who prefers washing by hand. Underwear that vanishes. A centrifuge of emotions: the washing machine.
Original title: La lavadora.
Nationality: Spain, 2011.
Production: Adolfo Moraleda.
Director: Ana Aurora Rodríguez, Andrea Correa Quiroz.
Script: Jordi Farga, Daniel Alfonso Mora.
Cinematography: Ole Thomas.
Music: Experimental Little [...]


The year 1914. The Lasarte racetrack announces a race with a never before seen prize for the winning horse. Eight of the best horses and mares in the world have registered. Fans and heavy betters from all the continents gather to participate in the great event: the Half Million Grand Prize.
Original title: La gran carrera.
Nationality: [...]


Since Leo’s wife was murdered, one single idea has been bouncing around in his head like a never-ending loop: vengeance.
Original title: La culpa.
Nationality: Spain, 2010.
Production: Isaac Torras.
Director: David Victori.
Script: David Victori.
Cinematography: Sergi Vilanova.
Music: Miquel coll.
Editing: Pau Bacardit, David Victori.
Cast: Carlus Fàbrega, Cesc Gómez.
Runtime: 14 min
26th of November, from 17:00. Albéniz Cinema, Room 1.
28th of November, [...]


Stephanie, an ambitious New Yorker career woman is overwhelmed by the different roles society imposes: being the perfect wife and mother, as well as a perfect working woman in a highly competitive world. The huge pressure she has to bear will lead her to the limits to her own identity.
Original title: Encounter.
Nationality: Spain, 2010.
Production: Nayra [...]


I miss the theatre classes. And you, guys. The shops, the coffee… all those things.
Original title: Carta a Julia.
Nationality: Spain, 2010.
Production: Eduardo Moisés Escribano Solera.
Director: David González.
Script: David González.
Cinematography: Javi Aguirre.
Music: Xanti Salvador.
Editing: David González.
Cast: Mertxe Prada, José Ramón Ruiz.
Runtime: 7 min
26th of November, from 17:00. Albéniz Cinema, Room 1.
28th of November, from 17:00. Rectorate [...]


Mr. Olivares has already recovered, but now he needs a vacation… to go to some heavenly place where he can relax and blithely enjoy himself.
Original title: Brutal relax.
Nationality: Spain, 2010.
Production: Eva Ayats Adrián Cardona, Rafa Dengrá, David Muñoz.
Director: Adrián Cardona, Rafa Dengrá, David Muñoz.
Script: David Muñoz.
Cinematography: Rafa Dengrá.
Music: Savvas Salpistís.
Editing: Adrián Cardona, Rafa Dengrá, David [...]


An old woman and her sister.
A young man deceived with motherly hands.
Dolls that talk and know dark secrets.
Strict rules to be obeyed.
Characters left in the thread of sanity.
A gray story without happy ending.
Original title: A residencia.
Nationality: Spain, 2010.
Production: Alex Sampayo, Guillermo Carbajo.
Director: Alex Sampayo.
Script: Alex Sampayo.
Cinematography: Tacho Jiménez.
Music: Manuel Riveiro.
Editing: Alex Sampayo.
Cast: Rosa Álvarez, Guillermo [...]

70 m2

Iván, exultant, goes to visit his girlfriend to ask her marriage, but a series of unfortunate coincidences will bring him to a loop of endless catastrophic events.
Original title: 70 m2
Nationality: Spain, 2010.
Production: La Mirada Oblicua.
Director: Miguel Ángel Carmona.
Script: Miguel Ángel Carmona, Álvaro Begines.
Cinematography: Alejandro Espadero.
Music: Manuel Ruiz del Corral.
Editing: Sergio Román.
Cast: Alberto Amarilla, Carlos Álvarez-Novoa, [...]



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