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Eun-yi, a middle-aged divorcee, is hired as an upper class family housemaid. But soon enough, Hoon, the master of the house takes advantage of his social position by slipping into her sheets. Hoon’s visits become frequent and Byung-sik, an old housemaid, reports the affair to his wife.
Original title: Hanyo.
Nationality: South Korea, 1960.
Production: Kuk Dong (1960) [...]


Jeon Woo Chi is a Taoist magician who is accused of a crime and sentenced “forever” by a curse. The seal of this curse will break 500 years later in modern Korea, where Woo Chi appears like a hero ready to destroy the monsters of this new world.
Original title: Jeon Woo-chi.
Nationality: South Korea, 2009.
Production: BK [...]


Joonh-ho is a former detective turned into a pimp in financial troubles, as several of his girls have recently disappeared. While trying to track them down, he finds out that all the girls were all called up by a same client with a dark obsession.
Original title: Chugyeogja.
Nationality: South Korea, 2008.
Production: Fine Cut.
Director: NA Hong-jin.
Script: HONG [...]


The most romantic fantasy. The film’s title refers to the name of the house where the protagonist is moving. There he finds a letter that a woman sent to the man who dropped her. The man will answer the letter to meet the mysterious woman, but he will find out that there is an unexpected [...]


26th of November, 18:00-22:00. Paraninfo, University of Málaga.
Su-mi and Su-yeon are two sisters who return home after undergoing mental therapy. Now they will have to adapt to the rural environment, their father’s character, and their step-mother’s exigencies. Although Su-mi tries to protect Su-yeon, something goes wrong in the house, since its walls hide something supernatural.
Original [...]


28th of November, 18:00-22:00. Paraninfo, University of Málaga.
The monsters come to Korea. In Sammae-ri, a peaceful village located in the National Park of Jirison in South Korea, are occurring mysterious and gruesome deaths without explanation, including the death of the granddaughter of Cheon Il-man, a professional hunter. The local police have no leads. The official [...]



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