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28th of November, 18:00-22:00. Paraninfo, University of Málaga.

The monsters come to Korea. In Sammae-ri, a peaceful village located in the National Park of Jirison in South Korea, are occurring mysterious and gruesome deaths without explanation, including the death of the granddaughter of Cheon Il-man, a professional hunter. The local police have no leads. The official Kim will arrive from Seoul, and together with detective Shin, they will find out the mistery.

Original title: Chawu.
Nationality: South Korea, 2009.
Production: Fine Cut.
Director: SHIN Jeong-won.
Script: SHIN Jeong-won.
Photography: Barry Stone.
Editing: NAM Na-yeong.
Cast: EOM Tae-woong, JEONG Yu-mi, JEONG Yun-min, HYUNG Sa, YUN Je-mun.
Runtime: 121 min
Format: DVD

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